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Building The World’s

Largest & Most Advanced

SAR Constellation

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Delivering Critical

Data & Insight

PredaSAR’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites provide persistent, 24/7, all-weather coverage of the world’s population, critical areas of commerce, and specific areas of interest, both terrestrial and maritime.



World-Class Technology

PredaSAR’s spacecraft combines software-defined payload systems and substantial onboard processing with industry-leading power capacity and antenna efficiency. With the world’s largest constellation, PredaSAR delivers the highest quality sub-meter SAR with the most frequent revisit capability available in the industry.

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Unmatched Aerospace & Industry Leading Experts

PredaSAR's executive leadership team and board are comprised of some of the most talented and experienced aerospace technology and defense professionals in the world.


Chief Executive Officer 

Major General Roger Teague, USAF (Ret.)

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PredaSAR is proudly USA owned and operated