PredaSAR provides purpose-built solutions to meet the most demanding requirements


PredaSAR solutions are tailored to satisfy unique market needs

National Defense & Intelligence
National Defense & Intelligence
PredaSAR’s constellation brings persistent coverage of the Earth’s conflict zones to deliver solutions for monitoring targets of interest, change detection, and near real-time tracking of critical activities at night, through clouds, and in any weather condition on land or water.
Maritime Logistics
Maritime Logistics
PredaSAR can identify and track vessels, icebergs, and other water hazards in the open water. Frequent revisits over ports inform stakeholders about traffic activity, effects of world events, and comprehensive situational awareness for the oceans, lakes, and rivers of the world.
Energy & Utilities
PredaSAR can monitor the crude oil capacity in storage tanks, safety of pipelines, detect oil spills, measure land changes from production and mining activities, and aid in the development of offshore operations.
Energy & Utilities
Mapping & Analysis
PredaSAR can classify and map global land cover and monitor water coverage. Frequent monitoring identifies changes over time in both 2D and 3D and providing up-to-date topographical maps, environment visualization, and advanced notice for possible hazards.
Mapping & Analysis
Emergency Response
PredaSAR can see through clouds, rain, snow, and smoke to monitor areas preparing for, experiencing, or recovering from natural disasters or human-initiated crises in near real-time.
Environment & Climate
PredaSAR can monitor global forests, crops, sea ice, fishing areas, and livestock to provide insights on issues such as deforestation, supply chains, illegal fishing, and sea level changes.
Environment & Climate
Business Intelligence
PredaSAR allows for frequent revisits and unmatched visibility with high-resolution SAR imagery delivering the capability for analysts, researchers, investors, and executives to track commerce, characterize assets, monitor production, and understand consumer activity.

PredaSAR Delivers Advanced SAR Solutions

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